Keyless Pro

Simple. Seamless. Secure.

Remove the hurdle of two-factor authentication with a security solution that you can easily drop in, your users can easily opt into, and doesn’t interfere with your main entry point of service.

The Keyless Pro Advantage

Traditional Solutions

Tedious for Users

2nd Factor. Arbitrary Policies. Lockout. Opt out

Difficult for Devs/Admins

Policy Mgmt. Configuration. Deployment. Lockouts.

Not the Most Secure

Legacy Tech. Multiple Devices.

Keyless Pro

Simple for Users

Runs in background. Quick Install.

Easy for Devs/Admins

Lightweight Agent. Smooth distribution to Users.

More Secure

Strong Tokens. Device Control. “Cookie-less”

How It Works

1. User adds the Keyless App to their device

2. Add Keyless agent snippet to your login page

3. Keyless authenticates without requiring a second factor


What Does Keyless Pro Solve?

Multi-factor authentication has become the default mechanism companies use to restrict access to sensitive information. Each login page represents a doorway, and these technologies seek to restrict access by requiring users to input multiple “factors” (password, token, phrase, picture, security question, etc.). Unfortunately, these measures accomplish little besides increasing friction for users (instead of preventing breaches). The pivotal weakness of these technologies is that they only seek to fortify the doorway itself.

What Does Keyless Pro Do?

Instead, Keyless Pro creates the infrastucture to ensure that the activity beyond the doorway doesnt pose a threat. In addition, Keyless Pro installs in hours (not days), configures new / terminated users seamlessly, and doesn’t require a babysitter. Best of all, it’s patent pending device synchronization technology prevents lockouts. Keyless Pro keeps the good-guys connected and the bad guys out.

How Does Keyless Pro Work?

Keyless Pro’s patent pending device synchronization technology establishes a secure connection between each device and Keyless’ servers. When this connection is interrupted or the system detects anomalous and potentially threatening activity, the system automatically terminates the at-risk user’s session and issues newly synchronized credentials. Best part is: Keyless Pro doesn’t require a dev / admin to administer these credentials or monitor user’s sessions. That’s all handled by the system and administered automatically.

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